IA Renderfarm


Information Architects Renderfarm

Renderfarm for Maxon Cinema 4D V8.5/V8/V7/V6/CE
http://www.ia renderfarm.de


We render your scenes on schedule here at our Renderfarm.

You may render 20 days - with us your film will be finished overnight!


- use our resources to render animation your films
- leave your 3D-data with us to render 
- netrender also for high-res pictures

- we render your Sketch and toon pictures
- overnight service

- special conditions for large scale orders
arguments for the IA Renderfarm

Pressroom IA Renderfarm

Costs: Render per 1 GHz computer hour = 1.00 €
For large-scale projects: starting from 200 Renderhours per scene only 0.20 € per Renderhour.  See Pressroom IA Renderfarm

We have efficient hardware, a co-ordinated network and newest software, which it make us possible to accomplish time-critical jobs fast and reliably. We use Maxon Cinema 4D and netrender for our own projects.
Examples of pictures here

Empiric report of the Cinema 4D user
A guidance pdf for the renderoptions of Cinema4D
The netzrender module for the computation of hires photos
Useful weblinks, video cut programs etc..


Free: 12.000 generic textures

max 20 computers with
together 20 GHz,
to altogether 30 GHz expandable, details see below

Pressroom IA Renderfarm press releases


Information and inquiries
Tel 0941 3074680 Stephen Schneiderr sschneider@schneider train it.de

Tel 0941 58 56 60 Dirk Grizan Dirk Dieter Grizan [ dirkgrizan@iaag.net ]


only for existing customers: Delivery of the data (zipped) email to the following address:

renderfarm@iaag.net /if rework necessarily sschneider@schneider train it.de
Check list and order form here as WORD 

Check list and order form WORD and rtf here as ZIP 


Price calculator price calculation IA Renderfarm for Maxon Cinema 4D

Renderfarm Maxon Cinema 4D / price estimation

the calculator is only for rough estimations,




1.a) standard bring-in

€ 39,00




Acceptance of the data by email/
1 x per supply - not per film and/or scene
Examine the data in Cinema 4D
Start of a Proberenderings Netzrenderer
Dispatch of the finished result




1.b)EXPRESS service

€ 85,00



1 x per supply
fastest possible treatment and start of the Renderns
Acceptance of the data by email
Examine the data
Start of a Proberenderings/a Endrendering with High Priority
Dispatch of the finished result as soon as finished



1.c) starting 1 film file on renderfarm

€ 20,00

per szene



1 x per C4D film file
on Renderfarm



2. installing Plugins

€ 25,00

per plugin



on 20 computers
for each Plugin





3. Render costs


10,00 € /

per hour /10GHz and/or 20GHz



per 1 GHz computer hour = 1.00 €
with 10 GHz = 10 €/hour (standard)
with 20 GHz thus 20 €/hour (express)

starting from 200 Render hours per scene only 0.20 €


4. service costs

if necessary

€ 80,00 per hour


Error clearing
Optimization of scenes and




All prices zzgl. ges. VAT. Our AGBs applies .






Description of the computers and the network IA Renderfarm




Double processor Xeon, Raid, 2 GB RAM



the server serves the Renderclients
and has fast plates,
thus is the Netzrenderer up
Server side optimally serves.




mind. P III 800 with > 512 MT RAM



generous equipment of the computers
with main memory provides for fast
Speed also with large scenes

here pdf with 11 computers




1 GHz line




that provides for fast transmission
Result files to the server



IA information systems AG Ingenieurbüro
Dipl. Ing.(FH) Stephen Schneider
Pruefeninger Schlosstr. 2a
93049 Regensburg 93051 Regensburg
tel: +49-(0)941-58 56 60 Tel 0941 307 4680
fax: +49-(0)941-58 56,666 fax 0941 307 4688
mobile 0171 3649412
dirkgrizan@iaag.net sschneider@schneider train it.de
www.iaag.net www.ingenieurbuero stephen schneider.de